Patricia Jordan (also known as PJ) is a retired physical education teacher from New Jersey. PJ has been diving for over forty years, mostly in warm-water locations such as the Caribbean, Central and South America, the South Pacific, the Red Sea, and Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia. A free-lance photographer, she has captured images depicting the extraordinary beauty of our underwater world as well as worldwide travel images, including nature, wildlife, and cultural rites of various populations that she presents at symposiums, educational institutes and universities, and seminars. Her images have appeared in publications such as Graphis, Islands, Ocean Realm, Alert Diver and Dive Training, and have garnered awards in international and national competitions. PJ has worked as a research diver for the Pacific Whale Foundation in Maui, Hawaii, and is a Fellow Member of the Explorers Club.


With regard to the identification of marine life on this site, please understand that I do not in any way represent myself as being an expert in this field. Research for identification purposes was done as thoroughly as possible and solely by me through the use of the internet and various publications, and it has been done strictly with the desire to provide a more thorough understanding and appreciation of life in the sea. A list of the references used by me for identification can be seen by clicking here.

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PJ’s portrait on homepage: Photographer - Larry Cohen; Editor - Polina Reznikov